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What Optometrists Do

Doctors of Optometry are primary health care provides who specialize in the examination, diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases and disorders of the eye, visual system and associated structures, as well as the diagnosis of related systemic conditions.

Comprehensive Ocular Evaluations

Comprehensive ocular evaluations include:

  • detailed case history
  • visual acuity
  • pupil evaluation
  • extraocular motility evaluation
  • color vision testing
  • examination of the peripheral visual field
  • analysis of the accommodative and binocular visual system
  • retinoscopy and refraction
  • of the external ocular adnexa with the use of biomicroscopy
  • inraocular pressure measurement
  • examination of the health of the internal ocualr media and fundus with the use of diagnostic pharmaceutical agents, biomicroscopy and microscopy

Additional tests may be performed when indicated by case history or objective signs and symptoms noted during the eye examination. These tests may include, but are not limited to, exophthalmometry, keratometry, gonioscopy, Amsler grid testing, ultrasonography, and corneal topography.

Ocular Health Assessment

Our optometrists evaluate the complete ocular health of patients with the use of biomicroscopy and ophthalmoscopy and detect and diagnosis systemic pathology. They provide follow up care to patients and appropriate referral when necessary.

Treatment & Management of Ocular Surface Disease

Our optometrists diagnose and treat ocular surface disease with the use of therapeutic pharmaceutical agents and provide appropriate follow up care.

Analysis & Interpretation of Examination Results

Results of comprehensive ocular evaluations will be analyzed and interpreted and corrective lenses prescribed for refractive errors when necessary.

Consultation Services

Our optometrists provide consultation services for physicians and other providers who refer patients to the us and report examination results to the referring professional when necessary.

Contact Lens Services

Services include:

  • evaluation, fit and prescription of contact lenses;
  • appropriate follow-up care; and
  • instruction on proper contact lens care and usage.

The contact lens evaluation encompasses the full range of contact lenses, both cosmetic and therapeutic including spherical and toric hydrophilic lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses, keratoconic, pediatric aphakic, adult aphakic, aniridic, anisometropic, and bandage contact lenses.

Binocular & Accommodative Visual Services

The service can evaluate the accommodative and binocular visual system, prescribe appropriate corrective lenses and implement visual training programs when needed.

Environmental Optometry Services

We provide patient education and advice regarding environmental and occupational factors which influence visual performance, safety, comfort and hygiene.