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Billing & Coding Guide for Eye Care Professionals


MEDICAL OPTOMETRIC CARE will give you the absolute best return on investment of any ophthalmic equipment you have in your clinic. It is a readiness, resource, and survival guide for medical optometry.

  • We show how to get started, how to enroll, getting credentialed, setting your fees, and understanding medical insurance terminology. We discuss if, when, and how to outsource to a billing company.
  • We help you understand appropriate examination documentation, choosing appropriate examination CPT codes, understanding modifiers, and comparing and contrasting all the different exam codes (Ophthalmological, Evaluation & Management, and S-Codes).
  • The guide includes comprehensive service coding for diabetes care, cataract surgery co-management, dry eyes, allergies, Plaquenil use, and glaucoma including templates for patient letters to their primary care physicians you can use and modify. Example claims are shown with appropriate coding and modifiers.
  • The guide outlines full coding and documentation requirements for the special ophthalmic diagnostic services: fundus photography, OCT, anterior seg photography, visual fields, extended ophthalmoscopy, gonio, pachymetry, etc. including sample interpretation and reports.
  • Three appendices discuss reading and understanding EOBs and remittance advices. We show numerous claims we’ve submitted and the remittance advices we’ve received for those claims. We post examples of where it went wrong when we received claim rejections and discussed how we screwed it up . . . and we complain when we did everything right and the claim was still screwed up. :)